The team at Marutee has a combined engineering experience of over 200+ man years. By providing state of the art technology and quality services the company aims to succeed in its competitive space. Our core expertise lies in the following Verticals.


The engineering team at Marutee has extensive experience in executing and managing various Automotive CAE projects from component level studies to full vehicle analysis. Marutee can support the product development process beginning in the concept stage through the use of various state of the art analysis and optimization tools. Our Design and Analysis process is always mindful of the cost, weight and packaging constraints of any design.

Some key areas that we support in the Automotive domain include:

  • Full vehicle and component level Durability and NVH analysis
  • Topology, Gage, Grade, Topography and Topometry Optimization
  • Frontal & Side Impact Analysis, Roof Crush Analysis, Occupant Safety Analysis
  • Optimization for Crash Analysis through the use of State of the Art Optimization tools such as ESLDYNA.
  • Dummy & Human Body Model Development
  • Metal Forming Simulation
  • Mold Flow Simulation
  • Injury Research
  • Embedded Systems Development
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • CFD

Renewable Energy

Marutee is proud to say that we are one of the few companies that have the experience in performing various types of analysis for wind turbines.

Some key areas that we support in this domain include:

  • Tower and Blade performance due to extreme weather conditions
  • Durability Analysis due to repeated wind loading
  • 2D and 3D CFD Analysis for blades
  • Design Optimization
  • Embedded Systems Development

Consumer Products

The Engineering team at Marutee has worked extensively in supporting the consumer products industry both in the design and analysis fronts. Be it support in development of fixtures for product manufacturing or supporting the development of a more efficient juice bottle, we have done it.

Some key areas that we support in this domain include:

  • Drop Analysis
  • Design Optimization for development of efficient products such as water bottles
  • Thermal Analysis for better airflow


Marutee supports a lot of other industries in their effort to develop more efficient products, as well as in their efforts to develop automation tools using embedded systems. Some of these industries include

  • Robotics
  • Locomotive
  • Heavy Industry