Altair’s CLICK2CAST Casting Simulation Tool

Click2Cast is a casting process simulation software developed around the concept of EASYmulation that allows the user to enhance and optimize their manufactured components avoiding typical casting defects such as air entrapment, porosity, cold shots, etc. Thanks to the simple and quick mold filling simulation.

Click2Cast offers an innovative user experience allowing the complete simulation to be done in 5 simple steps and through a completely new and user-friendly interface.

C2C Technology

EASYmulation is a new concept developed to increase the usability of simulation software, in this case applied to casting industry. EASYmulation means easy to use simulation, with no training needed, no high technical complexity and no need of expert staff. EASYmulation allows to save time and money, moving the current complex simulation processes to only 5 simple steps from opening the model to analyzing the results.

Click2Cast integrates a new and innovative mesher that allows the user to forget about complex operations to mesh the model using FE. The user only needs the geometry in STL format and Click2Cast will do the FE mesh automatically.

What is under Click2Cast?

Click2Cast interface was developed over the Pre and Post processor GID v11, taking advantage of all the possibilities that GID provides in the very latest version. Solvers inside click2cast are the most advanced technology developed in CIMNE for Fluid Dynamics and Thermal simulation by using FE methods.

What can the users do?

  • Defect Prediction Before Production
  • Place In-Gate
  • In-Gate Design
  • Runner Design
  • Vents Position
  • Prediction of Turbulences
  • Solidification Evolution
  • Prediction of Porosity

Key Features

C2C is a truly user friendly interface simulation software for Casting process. Simple and easy to use. Precise and accurate results provided by powerful FEM solvers. Allows the users to test different mold design possibilities by very few intuitive button clicks. Extremely affordable compared to the competition. For more details and a trial license contact us

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