Marutee offers CAE services to various Industries that include Automotive, Alternate Energy, Consumer goods and many other.

Our capabilities include -

FE Modelling

  • Solid and shell FE modeling of automotive full-vehicle and sub-systems applications for NVH, Safety and Durability analyses
  • Complex plastic components, castings and composites
  • Dummy / Human Body Model Development for Advanced Injury Studies

FE Analysis

  • Noise/Vibration/Harshness: Normal modes, frequency response and trim body analyses
  • Durability: BIW predictions, closures, chassis and interiors
  • Safety and Crashworthiness: Frontal, Side and Rear Impact (FMVSS and ECR regulations)
  • All types of static, quasi-static, linear and non-linear analysis
  • Metal Forming Analysis
  • Mold Flow Analysis


  • Linear and non-linear optimization (gage, grade and geometry)
  • Design studies at component, sub-system and full-vehicle level
  • Multi Disciplinary Design Optimization.