Marutee has an excellent group of CFD Experts that can deliver on any complex CFD tasks from Autmotive to Renewable energy.

Our capabilities include -

Flow Regimes

  • Pressure based solver: Low subsonic
  • Pressure based coupled solver: High subsonic to low supersonic flows
  • Density based solvers: High supersonic flows

Turbulence modeling

  • Spalart-Allmaras
  • k-epsilon
  • k-omega
  • DES
  • LES
  • RSM

ANSYS Meshing and ICEM CFD

  • Hexahedra
  • Tetrahedra
  • Polyhedra
  • Prisms & Pyramids

Heat Transfer & Radiation

  • Convection
  • Conduction
  • Radiation and conjugate heat transfer

Rotating machinery

  • Frozen Rotor
  • Stage and Transient Rotor Stator

Fluid Structure Interaction

  • Permitting combined fluid and solid physics analysis
  • Both one-way and two-way FSI simulations are possible

Dynamic & Moving Mesh

  • Innovative approach to simulating flow conditions in and around moving objects


  • Full range of capabilities for modeling complex flows involving more than one phase