AnteMotion’s mission is to assist companies in product evolution through model‐based design and engineering simulation, with a consequent investment return by reducing development time and time to market.

Based upon industrial communication standards, the Simulation Framework is open to third party integrations, real‐time oriented, perfectly distibuted and with advanced storage capabilities
Forked from a leading gaming engine, the Real-Time Render Engine provides state of the art rendering quality of dynamic environments in virtual reality and dome projection

Environments are created from a Procedural Content Generation pipeline to streamline the production of virtually infinite drivable worlds

Procedural worlds and embedded functionalities allow for training, validating and assessing the functional safety of both Virtual Drivers and ADAS Systems

Accurately recreated cockpits in an immersive virtual reality domain empower OEMs to effectively iterate HMI Systems Testing, design, and training

Realistic environments are carefully crafted for Custom Virtual Reality Automotive Applications, built to spec via formal development processes and using the latest hardware and techniques

Precise geometries and powerful algorithms for Virtual Pose Estimation allow virtual avatars to drive and interact in real‐time with complex dynamic scenes

Pixel perfect vehicles placed in lifelike environments are assembled in Virtual Showrooms where objects, materials, and ambiance can be easily customized in real‐time by engineers and customers alike

Backed by experience rooted in model based design approaches, design integration and validation of heterogenous HIL, SIL, and DIL platforms are provided as a service

The experience in both model based design and custom hardware integration guides embedded software projects for Hard Realtime Applications

Simulations results can be analyzed with personalized tools for Data Analysis And Calibration, developed accordingly to customers’ requirements

The analysis toolchain includes Automatic Video Overlapping software for the racing world, streamlining drivers training and performance assesment, from video output to report production

AnteMotion is a joint venture of EnginSoft Spa (Italy), LHP Engineering Solutions Inc (USA) and V2R Srl (Italy), three realities of the Automotive Industry R&D, whose skills converge in AnteMotion in order to satisfy the growing simulative needs of the field.

The cross‐functional team, composed of Mechatronics Engineers, Computer scientists and 3D Tech Artists makes AnteMotion a reliable partner for the simulation and R&D of vehicles, thanks to the integration of specialized know‐how, constant research and production capacity.

AnteMotion has several collaborations with the Italian Universities and strategical partners to improve and guarantee that its technologies are always state‐of‐the‐art.